A Magical Fairy Party

Posted by Tim Tammy on September 12, 2016 in Fun |

A couple of months ago, when I surfed the web, looking for ideas for my daughters party, I ran across many Sydney sites that mentioned Fairy parties as the “in thing”. It’d never happened in my experience to prepare for this kind of celebration. I simply did not know where to start. I looked many sites that provided good suggestions for Fairy activities, I came across plenty of locations that I can get Fairy party products, I actually discovered several that had “Events in a Container“. I chose to get among the “Fairy Party in Sydney” form deals and never need to be worried about anything. Hmmm… With a lot of choices, I looked for 3 days. I experienced each Fairy Party that there’s on the internet. I had been up til 2:00 each morning every evening – I had been a lady obsessed!

I ended up picking one and everything was just like I’d thought. Many party games, grab bags, as well as they was a unique birthday fairy throne. It had a silver top with rhinestones and fur trim and fit on my dining area couch. A comprehensive brochure is with step-by- step instructions for that party so you know exactly what to expect. Furthermore, contained in the package was something called “The Key Fairy Service” it had been a ceremony that people were to do at the conclusion of the party? What an excellent method to finish an excellent party. I was so impressed. They had considered everything.

My daughter was out together with her father picking up the dessert so I could set the throne in her place and setup all the party decorations without her seeing them. When they got home, she screamed and went straight for the throne. We were prepared! Once the children came, we ate, performed and conducted the Key Fairy service, it had been excellent! Absolutely marvellous! It’d been themed correctly. The children had a wonderful time, all of them dressed as fairies, it was a great site. This has been 2 weeks since that occasion and I have children still discussing it. Her friends believe that I provided the best party they had ever been to. I was pretty happy with myself after hearing that 😛

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